Poynton Bus Changes 1st April - Selwyns 391 / 392 Timetable now available

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Re: Poynton Bus Changes 1st April - Selwyns 391 / 392 Timetable now available

Postby turdo170 » Tue Mar 20, 2018 9:44 pm

SK121NZ wrote:.
A map of the new bus route in Poynton has been published by Cheshire East Council.


In Poynton, the P1 service is being merged with the 392. The new route, known as the 391 and 392, will follow the majority of the current 392 route from Macclesfield, before going via Middlewood, Park Lane, Clumber Road, Dickens Lane, Vernon Road, Copperfield Road, Dickens Lane and London Rd Sth.

The route will then continue along the current P1 route, via Chester Road and Woodford Road to serve Poynton railway station and the Bird Estate, before going to Hazel Grove railway station and on to Stockport.

The changes take effect from Sunday 1 April, though due to the Easter holiday period the services will operate from Tuesday 3 April.

As well as changes to the subsidised bus services consulted on last summer, operators have also made changes to some of the commercially-operated bus routes across the borough.

The full list of all changes and new timetables can be viewed at:


 and maps can be found at:


As a personal observation, I feel that Cheshire East / Poynton Town Councils have missed a golden opportunity to save both wear and tear plus maintenance costs to our Shared Space granite blocks at Fountain Place by NOT using Clifford Road INSTEAD OF Chester Rd / London Rd Sth to get to Dickens Lane, and onwards when coming from Stockport, and also in reverse.

When I first came to Poynton 47 years ago and started work at Aerospace Woodford, I could get a NorthWestern number 190 bus to Woodford via Clifford Rd. When Stockport Council stopped that service, the residents of Clifford Rd petitioned to get speed bumps etc to stop ALL hgv's from using that road.

That decision meant that Clifford Rd was never considered as part of the proposed new 392 route; however there is a precedent for it being considered as a bus route, and all those hgv's SHOULD be using the Relief Road by then !! ..... PLUS it would also serve more houses on the Queensway estate :)

As a consequence every 391 / 392 journey (in BOTH directions), will make a 90 degree turn at Fountain Place, causing undue wear and tear on those expensive granite blocks, even after we get our new Relief Road ! .... think of the future repairs that will inevitably happen !!!

If we have to consider the wear and tear of a road when setting a bus route then the road is obviously not fit for purpose. The grids should also have been moved as well.

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Re: Poynton Bus Changes 1st April - Selwyns 391 / 392 Timetable now available

Postby nedsram » Tue Mar 20, 2018 11:16 pm

You can' compare the original 190 route with the 391/392 route, as the 190 passed through the main crossroads on its way to Clifford Road. As rostervor implied, it would be nonsense for the only bus to serve Poynton not to pass through the central crossroads. Aldi shoppers wouldn't appreciate having to lug their shopping to the nearest stop if this was on Dickens Lane either. And the suitability or otherwise of the shared space road surface hardly counts as a relevant factor when determining the route. However speed bumps on Clifford Road would.

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