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Re: Woodford Rd, Poynton. Closed

Posted: Sat Jun 17, 2017 6:27 pm
by Rostervor
nedsram wrote:Last time that road was closed, P1 drivers came down Chester Road and turned round at Tern Drive. Not that that will help people where you live of course.

I was away in the Caribbean at the time so I was not affected by that closure. I did hear that the drivers got into trouble with their company for providing that service instead of just travelling along the Mad Mile.

Re: Woodford Rd, Poynton. Closed

Posted: Sun Jun 18, 2017 3:53 pm
by Rostervor
Arrived home today after a few days away to find a missive from CEC informing me that Woodford Road will be closed this coming weekend to enable structural reconstruction and patching of the road surface.
The work will be welcome after 12 months of upto 50 movements a day of 32 tonne waggons up and down the road. Not that this would have caused any damage to the road surface of course :roll:
However...................the road will be fully closed from 19th July until 5th September. That would mean this work could be carried out at anytime during this period and not just at a weekend when costs would be more expensive.

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Re: Woodford Rd, Poynton. Closed

Posted: Thu Jun 22, 2017 10:37 pm
by nedsram
I've been given permission to publish this email exchange, although for privacy reasons some information has been withheld.

From: DAVIES, Paul
Sent: 21 June 2017 23:48
To: xxx
Cc: xxx
Subject: Re: Woodford Road, Poynton closure


Thank you for your email which raises good points.

I have discussed the matter with the A6MARR team and our own Permits team
and can advise that the weekend closure is for CEC highway works.

The CEC works promoter for the planned road closure this coming weekend has
discussed these works with the A6MARR traffic manahement team to see if the
works could all be done under the one A6MARR closure.

Due to the nature of the works being carried out by the A6MARR team and CEC
Highways the proposed road closures need to be undertaken separately to
ensure access is maintained to all properties at all times. The proposed
road closure this weekend will be a ‘hard closure’ therefore access will
only be maintained via the diversion route to the affected properties.

If these proposed works were to be completed at the same time as the A6MARRs
works, then the properties in between both closure points will have no
access to their properties during the works. Further to this, some of the
defect works being undertaken now require an urgent repair as some road
users are diverting around the defects, in some cases towards the other side
of the carriageway increasing the risk of a collision with an oncoming

As you can see CEC/A6MARR teams had considered the option to share a closure
and minimise the impact on residents and road users. Unfortunately on this
occasion it hasn't proved possible.

I hope this provides all the information you need but do contact me if you
want to discuss further.


Paul Davies
Contract Operations Manager
Cheshire East Council
01270 375176 or 07748 650204

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From: xxx
Sent: Wednesday, June 21, 2017 10:59 AM GMT Standard Time
To: DAVIES, Paul; xxx
Cc: xxx
Subject: RE: Woodford Road, Poynton closure

Hi Paul,

Sorry for the 'response to all' but this is an issue that might affect

Residents have been told that there is to be a total road closure this
weekend to allow for repairs to the road. Has anyone considered doing this
work when the road is going to be closed in July to Sep?

It seems odd to inconvenience residents and to pay out weekend rates when a
total and prolonged road closure is just weeks away.

Yours sincerely,

Re: Woodford Rd, Poynton. Closed

Posted: Fri Jun 23, 2017 9:02 am
by Rostervor
Thanks for that info nedsram.
Now all that is needed is a reply from High Peak buses to my 3 emails and tweets as to the proposed route of the P1 during these closures. Not that it will benefit me as I know Woodford Road residents will have no service at all.

Eventually a reply from High Peak..................................The P1 will be allowed through on Saturday 24th.

Re: Woodford Rd, Poynton. Closed

Posted: Wed Jun 28, 2017 3:46 pm
by Rostervor

Re: Woodford Rd, Poynton. Closed

Posted: Tue Jul 11, 2017 3:26 pm
by Rostervor
Letters re the closure have been hand delivered today. Part of the letter is reproduced below.

Re: Woodford Rd, Poynton. Closed

Posted: Fri Sep 01, 2017 6:18 pm
by Rostervor
Woodford Road will now remain closed for a further week until 12th September.

Re: Woodford Rd, Poynton. Closed

Posted: Fri Sep 01, 2017 8:48 pm
by nedsram
That's in addition to a further closure later in the month, which I posted about in the Bramhall forum by mistake. (I've now moved it to the Poynton forum.)

Re: Woodford Rd, Poynton. Closed

Posted: Sat Sep 02, 2017 9:47 am
by Busybody
From what I have seen there's no weekend or bank holiday working and they all knock off early on a Friday. And then they tell us the completion date is put back. Mmmm....

Re: Woodford Rd, Poynton. Closed

Posted: Sun Sep 03, 2017 11:50 am
by AnotherWhingerLike_U
It’s crazy that there’s only the ubiquitous yellow road works diversion sign. A bit of common sense would have numbered or coloured diversion routes.