SEMMMS refresh (new transport plan for Cheshire East)

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SEMMMS refresh (new transport plan for Cheshire East)

Postby AndrewJ » Wed Mar 14, 2018 2:50 pm

From the SEMMMS website today:

Cheshire East Council is working with Stockport Council and Transport for Greater Manchester to identify solutions to traffic and travel problems experienced by residents in the north of the borough.

The public now have the opportunity to give their views on proposed solutions through a two-phased public consultation beginning this week.

With large numbers of commuters travelling into and out of the borough, the three public bodies – together with other stakeholders and partners – will work together to refresh the South East Manchester Multi Modal Strategy (SEMMMS), first produced in 2001 with an intended lifespan of 20 years.

The two councils, plus TfGM, will build on the original SEMMMS strategy to prioritise new proposals for improving connectivity between the north of the borough into and out of Greater Manchester.

A major feature of the original SEMMMS was the Manchester Airport relief road, which is currently being built, alongside Poynton Relief Road – which is being progressed by Cheshire East Council.

Funding was also used to deliver improvements to bus, pedestrian and cycling facilities.

Fresh proposals will seek to address the added pressures on commuter routes as a result of additional housing and population growth and will extend the multi-modal strategy, up to 2040. These proposals will also be incorporated within a new local transport plan for Cheshire East.

Frank Jordan, Cheshire East Council executive director of place, said: “The council is conscious of the day-to-day travel problems experienced by our residents living in the north of the borough.

“We also appreciate that many people travelling into the borough, experience the same problems due chiefly to the volume of traffic generated and the lack of sufficient road capacity and gaps in public transport.

“The original SEMMMS strategy was successful in securing significant government funding to address this key transport issue. Given this success and the emerging plans for additional development across the border in Greater Manchester, the time is now right to review what our future transport priorities should be.

“This consultation is an opportunity for our residents to give us their thoughts and feedback. We hope that as many people as possible will take advantage of this opportunity.”

The consultation will be held in two stages – the first is to ensure all of the key issues and options for improvement have been captured.

The consultation begins on Wednesday (14 March 2018) and a drop-in event will take place at Poynton Civic Hall on 27 March (3pm–8pm).

From 14 March 2018, members of the public can also respond via an online questionnaire at:

Comments received after 12 April will not be included in the consultation process.

The second stage of the consultation will run in tandem with Stockport Council and will seek views on which schemes should be prioritised.

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Re: SEMMMS refresh (new transport plan for Cheshire East)

Postby AnotherWhingerLike_U » Mon Mar 19, 2018 2:14 pm

AndrewJ wrote:From the SEMMMS website today:
Cheshire East Council is working with Stockport Council and Transport for Greater Manchester to identify solutions to traffic and travel problems experienced by residents in the north of the borough.

So residents weren’t considered in the original plan?? :? :shock: The only objective was to shuttle huge amounts of external traffic across the district? :twisted:
Obviously the case, considering the penny pinching has given "Residents" two close sets of traffic lights at the 5 ways. :twisted:


Re: SEMMMS refresh (new transport plan for Cheshire East)

Postby AndrewJ » Mon Mar 19, 2018 2:52 pm

SEMMMS was last updated 17 years ago. Despite the name the only recommendation that councils or government took notice of were the roads:
  • A6MARR
  • Poynton Relief Road
  • Alderley Edge Bypass
Their M60 to A6 road, with link to Stepping Hill, has not yet been funded, although Stockport Council have submitted a business case recently. Nothing else much got funded, and if it did it has been taken away by the last few years of 'austerity'. They should really be renamed (S)outh (E)ast (M)anchester (U)ni (M)odal (S)Strategy.

From their document it seems that despite all this investment in roads our congestion problems are now worse than ever. Who'd have thought? The priorities this time round are:
  • Multi-modal improvements on the A34 corridor, acknowledging and accounting for crossboundary travel patterns and the potential impact of future development near the route;
  • Opportunities for further traffic management proposals in the Urban area of Poynton following the implementation of the PRR;
  • Implementation of the Macclesfield Movement Strategy;
  • Local capacity and safety improvements on the A523 corridor;
  • Solutions to improve ‘last mile’ access to destinations in more rural, and less well connected neighbourhoods;
  • High Lane to Disley A6 Bypass;
  • Continued development of the strategic and local cycling and walking networks;
  • New bus rapid transit services catering for cross-boundary travel to/from the Greater Manchester conurbation; and
  • Sustaining and improving public transport opportunities.

So I wonder which ones will get funding?


Re: SEMMMS refresh (new transport plan for Cheshire East)

Postby AndrewJ » Thu May 24, 2018 1:02 pm

The draft strategy for the next phase of SEMMMS has been published (for up to 2040):

As it is very long I might have missed a few things, but from the appendix at the end here are the recommendations that would affect Poynton directly. They are of course just recommendations, councils are free to pick-and-choose, but they have been designed holistically, so to get the full effect you really need to do all of them. There are of course lots of other proposals, mainly for the A6 and A34:

  • New highway link between Woodford and Poynton Relief Road (of course - whoever imagined it wouldn't happen!).
  • A555 – Widening to three lanes in both directions between Woodford and Stanley Green (just as they're finishing off the 'upgrade' they admit it will just cause more traffic!).
  • A523 Woodford Road (Poynton) Speed Management Improvement (I assume this means reducing the speed on Woodford Road to 30 - OK if enforced).
  • A523 Poynton Village Weight Restriction (The bypass would be pretty pointless without this)
  • Segregated shared use cycleway along the A523 between Prestbury and Poynton (Good idea - links to Prestbury to Macc cycleway - and better for commuters than Middlewood Way).
  • Improvements to the A523 north of Poynton Relief Road for sustainable modes (including footway widening and the provision of parallel cycle lanes where feasible) (Interesting - I wonder how far they plan? - all the way through to Hazel Grove?).
  • Signing, surfacing and lighting improvements to Macclesfield Canal towpath.
  • Signing, surfacing and lighting improvements to Middlewood Way.
  • New links from the Stockport Cycle City Ambition Grant 2 scheme at Ladybridge to A6MARR (Possibly means uprading the footpath from Bramhall park to Mill Hill Hollow?).
  • New park and ride near Bramhall, near to the A555 / Poynton Relief Road interchange, to be served by the new BRT Service (BRT = Bus Rapid Transit).
  • New Bus Rapid Transit – Operating Stockport - Hazel Grove - Bramhall - Woodford - Handforth - Stanley Green – Heald Green – Manchester Airport. (Doesn't look like it will actually go into Poynton, but use A6MARR and stop at the new park and ride above)
  • New rail station at High Lane (A6 Simpsons Corner could be considered as an alternative location depending on the relative business cases) (As this is very close to Middlewood station it might mean the closure of that station(?))


Re: SEMMMS refresh (new transport plan for Cheshire East)

Postby AndrewJ » Tue May 29, 2018 2:25 pm

I probably should add the Disley bypass (now called the High Lane to Disley A6 relief road). This is now being promoted more urgently by the SEMMMS people, because they've suddenly realised, maybe because they only had 80 years to plan it, that you can't build a massive dual carriageway without building lots of other roads for all that new traffic to go on.

Last time such a thing was proposed in the 90s one of the 2 recommended routes ran through the northern end of Lyme Park and then through Middlewood near Jackson's Brickworks, possibly severing Middlewood Road. I would guess it is more likely to go the other side of High Lane this time, to service all the new houses, however that old route is still the shortest, flattest, and therefore cheapest option, and so would affect Poynton too.

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