Poynton Station ticket office - use it or lose it

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Poynton Station ticket office - use it or lose it

Postby tarboat » Mon Apr 23, 2018 9:53 pm

Having visited the station this morning it was obvious that many people were using the ticket machines rather than buying their tickets from the newly accessible booking office inside. This included a goodly number who just walked through the booking hall to get to the machines. If too few people use the service that Glyn provides the likely result is that the booking office will be closed permanently. If you are using the station please do remember this and use the manned office if possible. Glyn does a great job and deserves as much support as possible. He also gives change and advice which is more than the machines do. Ticket office is open on weekdays from 06.30 to 12.50.


Re: Poynton Station ticket office - use it or lose it

Postby AndrewJ » Wed Apr 25, 2018 12:23 pm

The ticket office actually looks better than before in my opinion. They've all done a good job. However it is a bit odd that although the desk is now accessible, the doors still aren't! People in a wheelchair would struggle to get in and out of there, although I'm sure Glyn and the others would help someone having difficulties.

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Re: Poynton Station ticket office - use it or lose it

Postby turdo170 » Thu Apr 26, 2018 11:57 pm

I mainly use the ticket machines currently for nectar points and cashback due to financial circumstances. Unfortunately Northern discourage ticket offices from printing them because they have to pay the retailer 80p for TVM printing and £1.00 for the ticket office printing.

It is also handy to book online on the way to the station and collect on the same platform within 30 seconds instead of having to run over the footbridge.

When buying a Ranger, Rover , Wayfarer, Monthly Season ticket , Duo I will visit Glyn.

Having said that I hate the machines and would happily collect pre-purchased tickets from him, If Northern allowed it.

When they roll out smartcard season tickets later this year I will also happily use Glyn over the crappy machines if possible.

More and more people are also using the apps to buy tickets however I won't do that because you can end up having to buy a new ticket (if you are lucky and approach the guard or buy a new one before boarding), end up with a failure to pay notice for the fare, £80.00+fare or a higher out of court settlement or prosecution for a dead battery, so not worth the risk and no incentive to do so, when the onus is currently on them to provide a working machine / ticket office to print my tickets and I can get double cashback and nectar points.

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