Contacting the doctor

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Contacting the doctor

Postby Sam12 » Tue Nov 05, 2019 12:15 pm

How many people know that you now need to contact the surgery by e.mail for appointments or medical questions?

On return from holiday my husband had a minor complaint caused by his medication so rang Priosleigh to request a triage call or
arrange for a blood test only to be told that, not only do they no longer do triage calls but he has to e.mail any requests for information.

He said they were assuming he had access to a computer and what would happen if he didn't? This didn't seem to go down too well but he was patronised for a while and was eventually told he would have a triage call - 5 days later.

If anyone saw the queue for flu jabs the other Saturday, you can appreciate how many elderly people live in Poynton. You can't tell me that all of those people, especially the over 80's - have access to a computer. My mother is in her late 80's and has never been on a computer in her life.

If you don't visit the doctor on a regular basis how would you know about this? And, has anyone been informed about this by leaflet or in the Poynton Post because it must have passed us by if it is general knowledge.

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Re: Contacting the doctor

Postby Rostervor » Tue Nov 05, 2019 12:25 pm

I rang yesterday on an enquiry after listening to a recording about the new system, I hung on for a reply. After 7 minutes I was told that an operator would be with me shortly and a minute later was told that I was number 8 in the queue. This was around 4.30p.m. So not exactly a busy time,
I did manage to negotiate the on line system and this morning got an email with a telephone appointment for next Monday.

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Re: Contacting the doctor

Postby Opera » Thu Nov 07, 2019 9:25 pm

Nobody told me about this. In fact, when I’ve attempted to make an appointment on the online booking system there was one available appointment for two weeks later. What use is that to anyone?

I’ve heard nothing about this new system. In fact, when I’ve ordered a repeat prescription by email, the automatic reply I receive always says that appointments cannot be made by email. I’m, therefore, very confused.

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Re: Contacting the doctor

Postby Newlands » Thu Nov 07, 2019 9:55 pm

Like other posts, I fell foul of the new system. Surgery registered me,then sent an e-mail which I opened, only to find a form, but no instructions of what to do. After throwing the computer through the window, I got an appointment. Wifey & me only have one e-mail address. Not permitted, so surgery says we have to get separate addresses. The program appears to be for the back room staff to fill in, rather than the patients. Talking to others, it seems this has been foisted on the residents, but who can we complain to?. After my appointment, I got a ‘Tripadvisor’ type E requesting my score out of 10 on the service!.

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