Got land?

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Got land?

Postby petesabout » Wed May 27, 2020 8:39 am

I'm looking for some land to take my metal detector for a walk on.
If you have any farmland, ploughed or fallow i'd love to have a wander over it.
50/50 on anything of value found.
I am a member of The National Council For Metal Detecting which means i follow certain codes of law.
I don't leave thumping great holes in your land, i record anything of significance and that i'm fully insured against....Hmm, not really too sure why i get
£10m worth of insurance. Perhaps my detector attracts Aliens who swoop down firing lasers at your sheep shed or something.
Anyhow, you get the meaning....
Gimme a shout if you have somewhere available.
Thanks in advance,


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