Land behind Midland Road – Persimmon Homes tricks

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Land behind Midland Road – Persimmon Homes tricks

Postby Luganores » Fri Jun 13, 2014 2:58 pm

Persimmon Homes set up a meeting on the 27th November 2013 for concerned local residents regarding their proposed new housing estate at the end of Midland Road, Bramhall.

Persimmon Homes promised residents they would notify local residents before proceeding with any work on the land behind Midland Road.

Persimmon Homes failed to contact the local residents before they (on Tuesday 10th June 2014) cut down a 400 metre row of trees on the far side of the ditch that runs behind Lugano Road. Bats lived in these trees and many birds nested there. (It is a criminal offence to disturb a bat roost or to destroy wild birds’ nests.)


The proposed development of land off Midland Road would lead to the field end of Geneva Road to have double yellow lines on both sides (so no street parking) to enable a bus to exit the new estate.

500 additional cars (Persimmon Homes’ figure – given on 27th November 2013) would be added to the already congested estate roads.

There are only three exits for the additional 500 cars: Midland Road, Handley Road or North Park Road, which already suffer from built up traffic and air pollution problems.

Midland and Handley Road suffer with cars trying to exit onto Bramhall Lane South. North Park Road suffers from traffic near Nevill Road Primary School as well as cars trying to exit on to Bramhall Park Road.

At the 27th November 2013 meeting, Persimmon Homes admitted it had no solutions to the congestion problems and was happy for members of the public to help them. Persimmon Homes additionally stated it was not intending to improve traffic congestions, only to make it no worse than it is at the moment.

Worse air pollution
Trees / wildlife destroyed
Worse traffic congestion
500 more cars driving past Nevill Road Primary School

Please pass this information on if you do not agree with what is happening / contact our local MP: Mark Hunter

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Re: Land behind Midland Road – Persimmon Homes tricks

Postby Bernehome » Mon Oct 27, 2014 6:33 pm

Interesting that the 'development' (change in land use) has started without there being any planning permission being in place. Over 20 trucks depositing waste materials on the site today and similar numbers last week.

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Re: Land behind Midland Road – Persimmon Homes tricks

Postby Bernehome » Thu May 07, 2015 8:06 pm

It would seem that there is a presumption in favour of this development by the Local Authority without planning permission being in place. Development has commenced again this week without it.

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Re: Land behind Midland Road – Persimmon Homes tricks

Postby Bernehome » Tue Jan 26, 2016 1:25 pm

A retrospective application has been submitted to cover the works as above and the importation of waste materials which are now stock piled on site. Details of the retrospective application are on local lampposts and here: ... APR_126528

It is application number: DC/060490

A local resident has also complained to the local authority about the three separate times Persimmon undertook development of the site without permission. This was on the basis of the volumes and number of vehicles, change in use (the road that has been installed), damage to habitats that had not been recently surveyed, and the councils failure to notify relevant agencies of the works (Environment Agency, HSE etc.). The council absolved itself of any responsibility and offered no apology to the local community for failing to stop Persimmon. I understand it is being raised with the Local Government Ombudsman to look into.

There is also a new application. This new proposal is required to facilitate a new proposed housing development (which will be subject to a separate planning application in due course). Because the site was formerly used as a tip, there are various contaminants, and ground instability issues. This application proposes the creation of a temporary surcharge mound to press the ground down to prevent future instability/subsidence. It involves a possible 120 heavy vehicle movements a day over a 10 week period. Vehicles will use Midland Road using the junction (already overused) onto Bramhall Lane.

If you have a view then why not express it to: &

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