Woodford green belt under threat?

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Woodford green belt under threat?

Postby nedsram » Mon Oct 24, 2011 10:16 pm

I have just received the latest Woodford Community Council newsletter, which I am reproducing below.

Woodford Community Council wrote:Threat to Woodford Green Belt

You will no doubt be aware of the extensive consultation initiated by Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council (SMBC) and Cheshire East Council regarding the redevelopment of the BAE Woodford site. We are currently awaiting the release of the draft SPD for public consultation. However, you may not be aware of another SMBC consultation taking place at the moment, one that could have a very serious impact on the Green Belt in the Woodford area and possibly elsewhere in Stockport.

This consultation is on the LDF (Local Development Framework) Allocations DPD – Issues and Options Paper, which is about allocating land for future use. This is one of six pdf documents, running into several thousands of pages, dealing with land allocations for the future and sustainable development in the Borough.

The following is an extract from Section 3 What this means for Bramhall and Cheadle Hulme South Area – Issue 4 (page 31):

Woodford Aerodrome (Site 037) is the most significant site in the area. It is a Major Existing
Developed Site (MEDS) in the Green Belt but is again not very accessible - currently scoring
less than 30.The MEDS designation allows the site to be redeveloped but sustainable transport improvements will be necessary. The site's redevelopment will be in accordance with an agreed Supplementary Planning Document and there is no need to change its designation.

As part of the call for sites exercise, some sites within the Green Belt were put forward for
housing development including:

· Land at Hall Moss Farm, Hall Moss Lane, Bramhall (Site 009)
· Moorend Golf Course, Woodford Road, Bramhall (Sites 013 & 072)
· Longacre and 16 Ripley Avenue, Cheadle Hulme (Sites 012 & 057)
· Upper Swineseye Farm, Bridle Way, Woodford (Site 123)
· Land adj. 172 Woodford Road, Woodford (Site 149)

These areas are outside any MEDS and as Green Belt sites currently have a presumption
against the construction of new buildings. Two options have been identified:

1. To maintain the Green Belt boundary and focus on making effective use of land within
accessible urban areas, with the priority for development on previously developed land.

2. Alternatively, to look at the potential for local adjustments to the boundary and ultimately
the releasing of land on the grounds of accommodating local needs (e.g. affordable
housing / supporting regeneration in Neighbourhood Renewal Priority Areas).

Clearly, if looking at Option 2 and whether appropriate to change the Green Belt boundary
regard must also be had to, amongst other things: the ability to maintain openness; the
purposes of including Green Belts; the Green Belt objectives; and the need to provide clearly
defensible boundaries.


Which of the two options identified above should the Council pursue and why?

You can view the actual plans that have been submitted for the development sites within and adjoining Woodford on the Woodford Community website. This is easier than trying to find them in the Stockport website. http://www.woodfordcommunity.co.uk/wood ... n_belt.htm

Woodford Community Council is strongly in favour of Option 1 – maintaining the existing Green Belt boundary, whilst making effective use of land released through the BAE redevelopment.

WCC opposes Option 2 since affordable housing is already a planning consideration for the BAE site and Woodford is certainly not a Neighbourhood Renewal Priority Area. The effect of Option 2 would encourage urban sprawl and eliminate green areas between Woodford and Bramhall as well between Woodford and the Poynton/Cheshire East border.

What can you do?

If you are a Woodford resident or a local concerned at the erosion of the Green Belt then please comment on the SMBC Consultation Website at http://stockport-consult.limehouse.co.u ... Id=1835877

The Consultation period ends on Monday 28th November 2011.

You are also invited by SMBC to attend the public forum at the area committee meeting. The Bramhall & Cheadle Hulme South Area Committee will take place at the Bramhall Village Club, Melbourne Road, Bramhall on Thursday 27th October commencing at 6.30pm. Item 4 (vi) is an open forum on the Local Development Framework – Allocations Development Plan.

Connect to the Woodford Community Council website http://www.woodfordcommunity.co.uk/index.htm

(You can] sign up for future issues [of the newsletter] by sending a simple request to newsletter@woodfordcommunity.co.uk

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