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Helping Hazel Grove

Postby leeeric686 » Fri Nov 09, 2012 5:40 pm

Hazel Grove Community,

My name is Lee, I am a Post-Graduate student at Manchester University studying Architecture and my focus of study this year is the A6 corridor from Stockport to Disley.

I've been looking specifically into the the make up along the Hazel Grove:

- Traffic Congestion,
- Crime (where this commonly occurs)
- Types of retail units along the stretch,
- Empty/redundant buildings,
- Loss of identity

If you are able to share any insights into any of these topics above I would appreciate it no end. As well, if there are issues you feel I haven't covered and are important to the community then definitely feel free to let me know.

In return for this assistance with my academic work, I have a proposition for the Hazel Grove community (either online here or physically). There was a piece of created by the government last year called the Localism Act 2011. The piece of legislation basically gives the decisive power back to the community in deciding what development happens in their local area and in effect shaping what goes on around them. This is purely a suggestion if there are a collection of you out there that have a strong opinion and vision of the Hazel Grove area, in turn I will be more than happy to help with ideas and become a link between the group and the council.

I understand that there will be skepticism about working with the council and if this process will actually turn out anything, however that is why I propose to use the Localism Act to get a foot firmly through the door or so to speak.

You are welcome to have a look at my work on my personal blog regarding the work I have been producing regarding the A6:
(All information and use of images are purely for educational purposes)

I hope to hear from you,

Thank you for your assistance.


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