Pam, Peter Wood

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Philip Herwegh
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Pam, Peter Wood

Postby Philip Herwegh » Wed Dec 12, 2012 1:05 am

Will you please sent me Pam & Peter Wood's address in Hazel Grove. She is a distant relative of mine and I have lost their address.

Thank You.

Philip Herwegh
2238 Masters Rd
Carlsbad, CA 92008

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Re: Pam, Peter Wood

Postby wood4010 » Thu May 23, 2013 9:02 am

Hello Philip and Kat

We 've only just picked your message up from the Hazel Grove Forum - a long time may have elapsed but at least you know the system works!!!!!!!

Our contact details are:
41, Tideswell Road,
Hazel Grove,

Tel: 01625 260 662

We hope you are keeping well - we can't believe it was 2008 when we made contact and popped into see you -time really flies!

Unfortunately we are feeling a little sad here at the moment as Dad, who celebrated his 90th birthday, in April is in hospital and quite poorly. He has suffered heart failure which has damaged his heart and he has the added complication of fluid retention that the doctors are finding very difficult to bring under control. Until this started at the end of March he'd been fit, still gardening, and walking here there and everywhere. Poor Mum is feeling rather lonely and a little lost but bearing up well. She celebrates her 90th birthday in August and is finding the daily trips visiting Dad in hospital tiring. Fortunately, we only live around the corner so are able to keep her company and help with the travel etc.

On a more cheerful note, we now have 4 grandchildren - all under the age of 5. They live in the south of England so trips up and down the motorway are frequent. It is half term holiday for the schools this weekend and they are coming to stay for a few days. The house will be turned upside down but all good fun. I think it will be good for us all to take our minds off the sadness and enjoy their high jinks!!

We hope this message reaches you successfully and look forward to hearing from you.
Best wishes
Pam & Peter

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