1960 film of Disley

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Re: 1960 film of Disley

Postby John Ellis » Sun Feb 14, 2010 3:25 pm

You've got the edge on me there, Lizzie - I can't remember trams (the old ones, I mean - not Metrolink). I can't remember coming into Stockport in the time that the trams were still running, though I can recall the Manchester trolley-buses that ran to Ashton and points around there.

But I do remember the coloured paper tickets, which, on Manchester buses, were "clicked out" by little levers which the conductor pressed down - you got two of them if necessary - like a 3d and a 2d if your fare was 5d. And the other ones where the conductor "dialled" the fare and turned a handle, and you got your ticket, printed in blue on hard, shiny paper like the sort they used to have in school toilets!

And, even earlier, the white North Western bus tickets that the conductor used to carry in a batch secured by a rubber band, and clip off a length on a big silver machine so that the correct fare showed ...
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