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Postby John Ellis » Wed Oct 06, 2010 1:19 pm

zzippy wrote:
Don't think about sliding over to Poynton with your SMBC waste :twisted:

zzippy, I for one wouldn't dare. If you take a look, I've posted an undertaking to that effect on the thread that Clarky's naughtily placed on the Poynton website. I think he's scurrilously attempting to fire up community tensions between Grovers and Poyntonians ...

But, as I've said over there, fear not - we peasant Grovers know our place. We're not the Cheshire set, and our grot, therefore, isn't worthy to be intermixed with Cheshire grot ... :mrgreen: :lol: :lol:
Adamski wrote: Put guards on at HG station and anyone from Cheshire gets charged Cheshire prices. :mrgreen:

Though worms can turn, and peasants revolt ... :roll:

Don't be too hard on the councillors, though - they did, successfully, knock back a similar proposal a year or two back, but that was, if I remember rightly, when the service was run "in-house" in Greater Manchester county, before Viridor got the contract. I've held forth at some length on "t'other site" as to why I don't think local councillors have got much clout, this time round, over this unhappy decision, so I won't do it again here.
Rhydd i bob meddwl ei farn, ac i bob barn ei llafar ...

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