Private messages (PMs) (updated 09/08/11)

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Private messages (PMs) (updated 09/08/11)

Postby nedsram » Fri Sep 25, 2009 8:38 pm

Users may contact other users by sending them PMs. When you send a user a PM, he/she will receive an email notification, and a notice will appear at the top of the main index page when logged in.

To send a PM click on the name of the user - just underneath the subject. Then click on "Send private message". Fill in the subject and message body, then click on "Submit". Ignore the "Find a member" field.

To read a PM sent to you, go to your User Control Panel and select the Private messages tab.

Note that until the person you sent the PM to has read it, it will appear in your Outbox. Once they have read it, it will be moved to Sent messages.

If somebody sends you a PM, it will appear in your Inbox.

For privacy reasons we do not allow users to send emails to the email addresses of other members, nor do we make their email addresses visible. However administrators can see - and send emails to - these addresses. Normally this will not happen.

Also please note that publication on a forum of any or all of a private message received from another user is not permitted.

(UPDATED 09/08/11) There have been a number of instances where I have sent a PM to a user in response to some breach of the forum rules, but this PM has never been read. This could be because the user no longer has any interest in the forum (e.g. merely wanted to post some diatribe), registered with an email address that (s)he does not monitor and therefore did not read the notification, or has turned notifications off. From now on, if I send a PM to a user and it has not been read within a month, I will suspend that user's account. (Note that I am referring to the PM actually being read, not to receiving a response.)

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