Including pictures (12/7/14)

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Including pictures (12/7/14)

Postby nedsram » Sat Jul 12, 2014 10:12 pm

There are two ways to do this.

The first is to upload the picture as an attachment, then place it inline where you want it to appear. The "upload attachment" tab is at the bottom, below the text window. You can also add a comment that will appear below the picture. This is the method that you should use if the picture is a file on your own PC.

An alternative and simpler method is to use the [url] tag to specify the web page containing the image, but this will only work for a picture on the web (e.g something you uploaded to flickr or photobucket). After the web page URL, add the URL of the image itself enclosed with the [img] tag. Something like this:

{url=}image from NT Facebook album {img}{/img}{/url}

image from NT Facebook album Image

I've replaced [ with { and ] with } in the one you can see so that it doesn't try to interpret it as an image. You can add a comment just before {img} or just after {/img}, as in the example, but care is needed with the formatting of any such comment. The picture shows what is shown with the correct tags.

When adding pictures, make sure that they aren't so large that scroll bars appear next to them. As a guide, 1024 pixels should be regarded as an upper limit for the width. If it's landscape, the height will be less than this. If your picture is too large, you can use something like Windows Paint to reduce the size of the file on your PC. This works with jpg files (the commonest format), but will not work with some other image types (like bmp).

Many thanks to topgunhorse for pointing out the second method. And to AnotherWhingerLike_U for pointing out errors in the original version.

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