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Forum rules (updated 20/09/16)

Postby nedsram » Sun Sep 13, 2009 6:14 pm

These forums are a replacement for the old Local Web Ring forums hosted by Yuku. The Yuku forums are now closed but are being retained as an archive for reference.

The old Yuku forums can be found at

Note that in order to post to these forums, it is necessary to register. This can be done via the button at the top right of the page. Posts by registered users will appear immediately. (Posts by unregistered "guests" are not permitted, although they can view the forums.) Please also note that these forums are moderated, and users who post inappropriately will have their posts removed, and depending on the nature of the post, may also be warned or banned from using the forums. In particular the forums are not to be used for advertising goods or services where a charge is made for these, for posting spam or pornography, or for advertising positions for which a wage or salary is paid. Note that links to local business web sites are not permitted either in messages or signatures (see below for why). Such usage may result in the post being edited or removed, and depending on the circumstances the user may also be deleted, and the user's registered email address and IP address blacklisted. Note that it is acceptable to advertise voluntary positions that do not attract a wage or salary.

"Flame wars" between posters will not be tolerated. Offending posts will be deleted forthwith and the posters will receive a warning. Persistent "flaming" may result in a user being banned from the forums. The same applies to "trolling" - posting deliberately misleading or provocative "information" simply to provoke angry responses.

No part of any private message (PM) received from another user may be published on any forum. If you receive a PM which you consider to be offensive, please forward the PM to the board administrator, who will then take any action deemed necessary.

Goods and services may be advertised in the local WebRING web sites; there will normally be a charge for this service. They may also be used for announcements of events by non profit-making organisations, such as clubs, societies and charities. This service is provided free of charge:



Hazel Grove:

For the time being document attachments have been enabled. These must be downloaded to be viewed. Please note that the forum administration cannot accept any responsibility for any adverse effects from downloading and/or viewing these attachments. Users should satisfy themselves that attachments are free from viruses, trojans and other malware before opening them. Users posting inappropriate attachments will be banned from the forums forthwith.

Finally, please note that for liability reasons, no personally identifiable details may be posted on this forum. This includes people's names (with the exception of public figures such as Howard Murray) and vehicle registration numbers.

This forum may be used to enquire about available services (e.g. "can anybody recommend a good ..."). However posts should not contain blatant promotion, criticism or bad experiences of local businesses. There are two issues here. First, as posters are anonymous, there is no way of knowing whether the comments are genuine, or come either from a competitor or somebody with a grudge, and such posts could also have legal implications. Second, people's livelihoods are at stake, and could be affected by such posts.

The forum may not be used by election candidates to make personal statements or any other party political points.

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